Breaking The Mold

In the last part on the novel, Val really starts coming out of her shell. In my second blog post, i predicted that Jessica Campbell and Valerie would become friends. At first, it seemed like that was what was going to happen, but then things took a turn for the worst. Val ended up pushing Jessica away and didnt want to be friends with her anymore. I thought i was completely wrong about my initial thoughts about the friendship. But then, things turned around yet again. The school year was coming to an end and they started becoming closer after Ginny Baker, a survived of the shooting, tried to kill herself. Jessica and Val became very close friends, not because they wanted to, because they needed to.  

The main conflict in this novel was the shooting and how it turned Garvin high into a hateful place. Ever since the shooting, there has been newspaper reporters covering the happening. In a few of the newspaper articles, it said that Garvin high was now a hate free school. The shooting brought everyone closer and made them realize that noone should hate anyone. That in fact was not the case. Garvin was full of hate, and Val wanted to make the world aware of it. She and members of Student Council planned a speech for the graduation ceremony telling the people that were there that the newspapers were making sometging out to be what it wasnt. This was a game changer. Now, the news reporters wont cover anything that happened at Garvin because they were embarrassed of what they had said, without actually having any evidence of what actually goes on in the school. I thought this was a great way to end the novel.

There were lots of things that gave this book the edge that it needed. Lots of emotion were presented in this book. It made you feel happy for Val because shes doing so well, and then sad for her because her family is being torn apart because of her father and his new girlfriend. 

There were many difficult parts of the novel. The one that i had the most trouble with was the flashbacks at weird points. Although i do like flashbacks, for me, these werent my favourite. These were placed very strategically so that it gave the reader a more in depth of what Val was going through. They made the book harder to follow because it was like Val was jumping in and out of reality. One minute remminiscing about Nick and how things used to be, and then the next she was doing something else.

I would definately recommend this book to someone else. It is a great read, and thats coming from someone who finds reading very uninteresting. The book is crammed full of emotions and lots of suspensful moments hat will leave you wanting more and more 


The Outcast

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During the middle of the novel, Valerie is very unmotivated. She doesn’t like talking to anyone, and she doesn’t like going out of her house. She has been very lonely since the school shooting. Her friends turned their backs on her, even though she had nothing to do with Nick shooting those people. Although she doesn’t want to go out of her house, she does try and make an effort to go back to school. Val knows that it will be hard for the first little while, but she is sure that it will get better over time.

throughout the middle of Hate List Val begins to come face to face with some very big conflicts. Valerie’s boyfriend; Nick, goes on this rampage during school and starts shooting people… People that are on the list that Val and Nick have made. The people on the list are people that Nick and Val do not like. Nick ends up shooting most of the people on his list, including the most liked teacher in the school, before shooting himself. Because of his actions, Val is hated throughout the school. This kind of conflict is external, and this conflict is internal as well. It is external because her boyfriend shot up the school and now she is being hated by mostly everyone. It is also internal because she loved her boyfriend and now hes gone. The person that she trusted the most and thought that she knew him went and did the unthinkable.

on Valerie’s first day back to school, she ends up having to sit in the hallway by herself at lunch. Then, the strangest thing happens. one of the meanest, most popular girls in the school asks her if she wants to come sit with her. Christy Bruter, the girl that made fun of Val from the day that they met, asked her if she wanted to sit with her. Valerie said no because she thought it was a trap and she would be made fun of. I think that Christy Bruter will become close friends towards the end of the book based on what happened that day during lunch. I think that the end of the book will end in her old friends realizing that Valerie didn’t do anything and will try and be friends with her again.

Valerie and I don’t have much in common, except that we aren’t exactly in the popularity group in high school. Her friend group is very small, with only a few people that she can really talk to easily, and my friend group is rather small too.

Are You On The Hate List?

Many things in the novel Hate List, seemed very interesting to me, especially the title, Hate List. the title really hooked you in and when Mrs. Krawetz explained what the book would be about, I was very interested in actually reading this book. in the past I have really enjoyed books that have to do with school shootings, or crimes of some sort. Violent books seem to intrigue me more than any other kind of book.

Many things in the first paragraph of the book really stand out to me. The book begins with a news reporter visiting a crime scene, so you already know something bad has happened. also, the chapter titles have square brackets around them. maybe this book could be written as more of a diary style? also, around the number “1”, there is a tear drop. this tear drop is a dark colour, possibly resembling blood.

Also, there are many relationships that are represented within the first few chapters. one of which is Nick and Valerie’s relationship. They are dating, but its a very weird relationship. Sometimes Nick wont show up to school or even bother to see Valerie. Nick hangs out with this Jeremy guy, and Valerie does not particularly like him. he is a drop out skid that smokes pot and watches cartoons. She thinks that Jeremy is influencing Nick to make bad choices. also, Nick and Val are two completely different people. Val has good grades, while Nick is struggling to pass.

“may 2, 2008 6:32 A.M. ‘See You In The Commons?'” This is the chapter title for Chapter 2. this title is a statement that Nick says while he is on the phone with Val. they always meet in the commons before school starts. this title is extremely suitable for this chapter, because what happens at the end of the chapter will leave you wondering what will happen.

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